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    Terms & Conditions for the Project

    All of our packages, whether they are shown on our website or are custom quotes, are subject to the terms and conditions.

    1. We only offer hosting and domains for websites that we created. We don’t offer distinct hosting and domain services.
    2. We use third-party web hosting which is your ownership.
    3. After Development and the completed payment cycle, we provide complete details of hosting and cPanel Access.
    4. If the customers provide us with their information on time, we can deliver the website in 10–12 working days. Digiunify won’t be liable for a website delay if clients give information beyond the deadline.
    5. If there are any changes you would want to make to the designs, you must inform us either during the development of your website or within 15 days of receiving it from us. We will create the website by the reference sites or designs you will confirm. After that, you will be required to pay for all website updates.
    6. All websites that are Developed or Created by Digiunify will be mentioned in the footer copyrights.
    7. We will not mention Powered, Developed, or Created by Digiunify on your emails, Woocommerce PDF invoices, or any admin login panel
    8. Once the website has been delivered to the client, we will provide them 7 days of free Support & Assistance
    9. All the services and features included in our packages will be provided to you; however, if you would want any more features, you will need to pay for them separately
    10. Digiunify shall not be responsible for any loss of data or other ambiguous activity after the website has been delivered.
    11. Digiunify reserves the right to suspend the website for non-payment of
    12. For promotional packages, if there is a delay of 30 days or more from the customer on the website, the promotional package will be canceled and the full amount of the package will be
    13. Digiunify is not responsible for copyright issues on the website resulting
    14. If any plugin required for any feature enhancement  client will pay for that.
    15. For Hosting renewal you can renew yourself. We provide you the hosting portal.
    16. We only provide .com and .net domains. For .pk domain pricing may vary
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