AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

What is AMP?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a free, open-source framework that helps in increasing the processing power of your application and load pages quickly. This framework is built-up on HTML, JavaScript, and cache libraries that accelerate the speed of mobile pages even if the content does not comprise text, but the PDFs, infographics, audio, and video files also served in this regard. AMP is a good pick for your website’s mobile pages. It clears out all the unnecessary information that is slowing down your site’s speed and performance.

Why Is It Important?

You can convince a visitor to spend time at your site if its engaging and full of rich content. But what if your website starts lagging and takes a lot of time loading the content? Your visitor will leave it and try to find the desired content at some other site. AMP helps your site content to process in minimal time, load your pages faster, and increase usability. The better engagement at any site always comes with efficiency and good speed of the website. To make AMP work for your site you need both-speed up the load time and useful yet engaging content.

Benefits of AMP

  •  Improves User Experience

            More websites publishers are now turning their websites on AMP as it improves the user experience: the most important feature to drive more traffic.Getting rid of unnecessary content and providing useful and engaging content to the user makes them stay longer at your site.

  • It Helps Pages to Load Fast While Featuring Desired Content Only

People love saving their time and cannot bear if the waiting time goes longer in order to get the required content. AMP used website is a treat for them to save their time as it gives them the results they wanted at its earliest and filters out the rest.

  • It Improves Search Rankings

As AMP is offered by Google, the websites using this service are prioritized by Google and get good rankings in search results. You can see your website going higher in search ranking after uploading your website being developed with AMP framework. This results in driving crazy traffic at your website which is another plus point. Getting more users relies on getting a higher ranking. 

  • It Conserves Resources of Server

If you get your audience coming from mobile devices, then you can save your serer from getting the burden of traffic as the server being used now are Google servers (make sure to use third-party JavaScript). You do not even get the right number of users at your website while getting the advantage of serving each one of them.

  • It Provides A Mobile-Friendly Display

AMP is making things easy for you by giving you the facility to serve with what content you need to display at your website. Each piece of information whether it is a video or animation or any file will be positioned exactly where you want it to be. It makes easy for the users to understand all features without reading a whole document describing the road map of a website.

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